Performance By Design

Pit a strong performer against a weak system, and the system is likely to win.

Challenge: You lead HR for a large firm and have a nagging feeling that the current, very orchestrated annual performance assessment process isn't paying off.
Solution: Analysis and proposed streamlining changes to save more than $8.5M in appraisal costs annually and improve the focus on talent management.

Challenge: Staff in your organization tell you that the root canals they had last week were less painless than moving within the firm.
Solution: A new career growth model and recommendations to overhaul HR systems to reduce turnover and enhance human capital management, especially in support of a new "cyber" initiative.

Challenge: You lead learning for a 21,000-person international technology and strategy consultancy but your business units don't come to you to source the technical learning that's at the heart of the work their staff do daily.
Solution: An operations and cost model that enables the learning function to service and more tightly align learning function with business units.

Let Performing By Design provide solutions to solve some of your challenges. Our services include

  • Assessment/Analysis
  • HR Strategy
  • Learning Design
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching